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Kyndal Sarah Meister

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Supportive & Warmhearted

Kyndal Meister collaborates with students by fostering musicianship through a holistic approach to education.  Although today’s world presents particular challenges, each student is motivated to meet their unique potential through an understanding and attentive atmosphere.

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All Ages

All ages are happily taught at Meister Piano.  People may think that after a certain age it becomes too difficult to learn to play.  This is untrue.  If the mind and heart are open and interested, piano lessons are a source of joyful discovery for everybody, whether 7 or 75. For children ages 5 to 6, readiness can be determined after the free consultation.

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All Levels

Kyndal Meister teaches from absolute beginner to advanced piano lessons. There is no prerequisite knowledge or training required. In fact, when teaching a beginner, it is an honor to know that you are shaping a student’s knowledge of music from the very beginning.

The Meister Piano
Teaching Philosophy

Playing the piano involves both mind and body.

For successful expression, the student must gain a thorough musical foundation.

This foundation is gained through the study of scales and other piano skills, ear training, technique, music theory, music history, and correct performance and practice skills. 

And of course, lots of laughs! 

The student takes an active approach in the direction of their education. 

For example, although a classically trained musician, Meister works with students on all styles of music. 

In the end, the student’s creative and intellectual growth toward music is of utmost importance.

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Our Enrollment Process

The first step in signing up for lessons is to receive a free consultation, which is typically 20 to 30 minutes.  At the meeting, the student, parent and instructor discuss the student’s lesson goals, any prior music instruction, any special needs, and general interests in school or otherwise.  Tuition, scheduling, lesson rules, performance opportunities, practice expectations, appropriate lesson length, cancellations, etc. are disclosed in the official Meister Piano policy and explained in detail during a free consultation.  When the student and parent decide to sign up for lessons, the instructor will direct the client in making appropriate purchases for method books, metronomes and other lesson accessories.

  • Although not ideal, keyboards are fine to use in the beginning stages of piano lessons.
  • No prior knowledge of music is required to take lessons at Meister Piano.
  • Meister Piano does not give out pricing information over the phone or by email.
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