Kyndal Sarah Meister

Kyndal's Recital Flower Bouquet
Student Testimonials
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We like how Kyndal takes time to teach the basics of piano, and manages to make it fun for our granddaughter. She practices without reminders because she enjoys learning.

Cheryl Hutchinson

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I have fun learning how to play different styles of piano music.


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Brief Background

I’ve been teaching piano for 7 years and have experience teaching all ages, from the very young to retirees.  Before beginning my own piano studio, Meister Piano at the Yenney Music Company, I taught at the Olympia Studio, a collective of music teachers.  At the Olympia Studio I taught piano and once taught a summer music history and music composition class. 

Today I offer lessons in piano, music theory, and musical composition.  Students have the opportunity to participate in adjudications, recitals, master classes, and competitions.  One of my happiest moments was when one of my students won the Youth Music Talent Contest and then performed at the Washington Center in Olympia.

From the beginning of my life, I’ve been immersed in music.  Piano lessons and band were the highlight of my schooling and I loved each class.  Especially important was when at 16 I began attending piano master classes led by the renowned Daniel Pollack, which I faithfully continue to this day.  In my senior year of high school I earned the National Guild’s High School Diploma in Piano.  That led to my acceptance into the Pacific Lutheran University School of Music where I earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance

At PLU I studied with Regina Yeh and Jennifer Bowman.  My educational curriculum required courses in subjects such as music theory, composition, and piano pedagogy.  Pedagogy, the art of teaching, is central to music instruction.  Although I have received my degree, I consider it essential to improve my abilities through the continued study of all musical subjects.  Practicing and learning new music is still a joy, even for the instructor.

With every student I have the honor of teaching, I receive the satisfaction that not only will we learn together, but that I will be teaching someone the lifelong skill of making music.

Degrees, Diplomas,
Certificates & Awards

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  • Image of Kyndal's High School Piano Diploma
  • Image of Kyndal's certification of having passed the National Piano-PLaying Auditions as an International Member
  • Image of Kyndal's Certificate of Award for an International Annual Composition Test
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